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14 June 2009

Week 26 Status Update (Going Long)

Monday: 6mi (easy jog)
Wednesday: 6mi (hill run)
Friday: 6mi (easy jog)
Saturday: 13mi (long run with the entourage)

Total: 31mi

One of my new favorite things in life is my Saturday morning long run. Over the past few weeks, my manager-wife Bev, my official race photographer L-Boogie, and a steadily growing entourage have caught the biking bug and turned Saturday mornings into field trips through the various neighborhoods of New York City. Of course, while they pedal, I am running.

Two weeks ago we took a cultural tour of Brooklyn. Starting out in Long Island City, we made our way through Polish Greenpoint, hipster Williamsburg, Hasidic Williamsburg, hip-hop Crown Heights, and finally past the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens into Prospect Park, where we picnicked. It's exhausting just typing that out. Check out a map of our trip and some photos:

Some interesting Greenpoint architecture

Improvising an ice bath in Prospect Park

Bev going above and beyond her managerial duties

Then this past weekend we did a three-borough bridge tour. Again starting at our favorite LIC bike shop, we headed over the Pulaski Bridge and down through Brooklyn. Then over the Williamsburg Bridge and up the East River through Manhattan. And finally over the Queensborough Bridge into Queens on our way home. Here's another map and a couple more photos:

"C'mon slowpoke, let's get a move on!"

The artwork of Brooklyn

Bev rockin' her new helmet on the East River

Lastly, an aside from the author: while I realize that photos are generally more interesting than maps, the maps are a lot more interesting (or even impressive), if you click on them and pull them up in I can't recommend that website highly enough.

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  1. Yes, I like the photos, but that map is gonna make me try that one day.

  2. Can't wait for the days that I can rollerblade along the same routes...

  3. Glad you like the pictures! And I definitely recommend running those routes. Now that my runs are getting longer, I'm going to have to get more and more creative with my wanderings...


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