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19 July 2009

Week 31 Status Update (Run for Central Park)

Sunday: 6mi (recovery run)
Monday: 7mi (track workout)
Wednesday: 13mi (long run)
Saturday: 5mi (warmup + race)

Total: 31mi

Race recap - Despite the heat and the humidity, I managed to run the 4mi course in 28:06. I know I should be focusing on longer races at this point, but since last year's Run for Central Park was the first race of my adult life, I can use it as a fitness test and easily compare results over time. This time last year, I hadn't yet broken 30min, so I can point at yesterday's result and say I've come quite far!

The week ahead - One week down, 15 to go. And since I raced yesterday, I have a much better idea of how fast I'm currently running and can more accurately plan out my training paces going forward. Here's what I've got on tap for week 2:

1 - Recovery / 6mi total
2 - 4x800 @ 3:12 / 2min rest / 6mi total
3 - 5mi tempo @ 7:58 per mi / 7mi total
4 - Long run @ 8:43 per mi / 15mi total

Not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about that last one...

Fundraising update - I've now raised $3,875 for Robin Hood, within eyesight of my $5,000 goal. On one hand, I'm only a handful of donations away from success, but on the other hand, I've exhausted a number of my potential donors already, so I can't get lazy. If you're reading this and haven't chipped in yet, skip the new Harry Potter and give me your $13... I heard it sucked anyway!

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- Jake

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  1. Hey Jake, good luck with the rest of the fund raising. I just got back to New York. Fun catching up with everyone.


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