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01 September 2009

To the Ends of the Earth

My latest long run took me to far corners of the world (i.e. New York) that many New Yorkers (i.e. Manhattanites) could go their whole lives without seeing. Thanks to the rain, my biking bride and I got to enjoy most of it alone. And not only was she awesome enough to brave the elements with me for almost three hours, but she also took some photos to share:

The starting line - 125th St and Henry Hudson Pkwy in Harlem, home to the Cotton Club and Dinosaur BBQ (arguably some of the best BBQ in New York)

Making our way into Riverside Park, taking the waterfront route. The park itself runs for 4mi along the other side of the highway, and was designed by the same guy who did Central Park.

The Gothic architecture of the Riverside Church, suitingly surrounded with fog. For what it's worth, this is the 26th tallest church in the world.

The notorious Canadian Geese of the Hudson, deviously fattening up to bring down another commercial airliner.

Ahh New Jersey, so beautiful...

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Monument in Riverside Park, commemorating Union Army soldiers during the Civil War. Didn't bother to get up close because it looks so cool through the trees, and I didn't want to ruin that with an uphill climb.

We stopped to check this out because we thought it might be a sculpture. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's a contemporary art piece and what's just a collapsed pier.

After cruising down the river past Midtown, the West Village, and TriBeCa, we finally came to Battery Park, near the southern tip of the island. In its 25 acres, there are all kinds of cool monuments and sculptures scattered about.

Like this one. No idea what this is, but it was worth stopping for a photo regardless.

Back around on the east side of the island, we approach the Brooklyn Bridge, which was originally our planned entry point to Brooklyn.

But we opted for the Manhattan Bridge instead, which I had never before set foot upon. It didn't look like too many other people generally set foot on it either.

Last stop before Queens - Brooklyn. In this case, the cobblestone streets of DUMBO, another area of the city I had never before seen.

And that's it for last weekend. Next up, 20 miles!

Gotta figure out what other parts of the city I've yet to explore...

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