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22 September 2009

Week 40 Status Update (Tune-up Week)

Sunday: 7mi (easy run)
Tuesday: 9mi (7mi tempo run)
Thursday: 8mi (easy run)
Friday: 6mi (easy run)

Total: 30mi

My mileage for this past week is artificially low just because I count the weeks from Sunday to Saturday, so the Queens Half Marathon will technically count toward this week's mileage.

And speaking of the Queens Half Marathon, I tore my previous PR of 1:50:24 to pieces when I negative-split this race for a 1:43:29 (blog self five!). Considering this came right in the middle of marathon training, sans taper, I'm quite happy with the result and feeling a lot more confident about November.

Full race report to come!

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- Jake


  1. Very good time! I didn't get out and run this year, but have liked that race before. You are running more miles than me for sure...But the FIRST will be interesting!

  2. Thanks! My legs are still pretty sore though, so I clearly paid for that time.

    And I have to run more miles now, because I'm not on the FIRST plan and am not doing as much speedwork. Just one tempo and one long run, and the rest is easy base mileage. If I don't keep the mileage up I'm toast!

    I've been following your training, and it's awesome you've been able to stick with it without any injuries. You have a time goal in mind for the NYCM yet?


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