In running and in charity, the challenge starts long before you toe the start,
and the work doesn't end when you cross the finish.

28 October 2009

Last Minute Logistics

For those of you watching from home, you can track my progress on Sunday with the Athlete Alert on the marathon website:

And if you're gonna be out their cheering from the sidelines, note that they have instructions for getting the emails sent to your phone as text messages!

Finally, for those of you keeping score, I'm gonna subject myself to ridicule and throw some numbers out there, along with some celebrity comparisons.

Superman Goal - If the weather cooperates, my legs are feeling "springy", and the crowd carries me to victory, I may manage 3:30-3:35, putting me in contention with Gordon Ramsay:

Just Right Goal - The most likely scenario, based on my training and Yasso lore, would be 3:40-3:45.  The key here would be beating George Bush:

Just Give Me My Damn Medal Goal - If conditions don't cooperate, or the wheels otherwise just come off the wagon and I find myself staring death in the face around mile 23, I still hope to squeeze in under 3:55-4:00.  This would put me neck-and-neck with Will Ferrell:

I Don't Care if I have to Crawl Goal - Under no circumstances will I let this guy beat me (4:15):

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- Jake

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