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and the work doesn't end when you cross the finish.

27 October 2009

Week 45 Status Update (Final Countdown)

Sunday: 5mi (easy run)
Tuesday: 7mi (5mi tempo)
Thursday: 5mi (easy run)
Saturday: 10mi (MP long run)

Total: 27mi

Everything I've heard about tapering is true.  While I'm no less tired than before, my body is full of energy and won't let me sleep.  I alternate between boredom and anxiety, and secretly fear that all those months of training are being washed away by weeks of (relative) inactivity.  One day my short, easy run is a struggle and just doesn't even seem worth it, and then the next I feel like a live wire and have to forcefully rein in my pace.

With only five days left, the uncertainty is starting to creep in.  It's looking like the weather could be absolutely ideal, just about 50 degrees and sunny, so I'm trying to keep the faith, but judgment day is almost here!

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- Jake

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  1. Well after some shite taper runs with alarmingly high heart rates...I ran yesterday for the last FIRST speed workout. And it was remarkably smooth, and low heart rate.
    So, I have also had the udertainty from some bad runs during the taper. But this last one was what I imagined...easy, nice good HR, and felt strong.
    Good Luck!


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