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16 October 2009

Yo, Yasso!

While I've been too busy eating and sleeping lately to blog much about running, I have to put out a quick note (to brag) about my latest workout. Taking the advice of the esteemed Mayor of Running, I tackled a series of Yasso 800s as a fitness test going into these final two weeks.

Yasso's eponymous workout consists of ten 800m intervals, with a few minutes of rest in between, and it's meant to be a predictor of your potential marathon time. The key to the workout is that you take your target marathon time in hr:min and try to run the intervals in the same min:sec. As an example, if you can complete each of the 800s in 4:00 min, then you should be ready to run a 4:00 marathon.

That said, I have to make the disclaimer that I did this workout on the treadmill rather than the track, which is cheating. But on the other hand, the treadmill's TV was stuck on Access Hollywood, which might just level the playing field. Either way, I did all ten of the intervals at 3:30 pace (another blog self-five!). I don't have a map, but I have a pretty graph of my HR below.

Since this is based on zero scientific evidence, I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself, so I'm going to throw out 3:40 as my A-goal, and just hope it all works out...

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