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21 February 2010

I'm Still Here

A little over a year ago, I was writing on this blog pretty religiously, primarily because I couldn't run and had a bit of free time. Now I'm faced with the opposite problem.  I'm not writing nearly as often as I'd like because I'm running too much (if there is such a thing). Since the start of the year, my blogging has been mostly limited to lazy man's format, so I figure it's time to step it up and let my loyal readers know I'm still alive.

The fact of the matter is that running is going remarkably well for me right now. After years of stop-start running (see Dec '08 and Aug '09, for example), the marathon seems to have made something click for me. I've since found myself to be a much stronger runner now, capable of handling harder runs and more miles sans injury (knocking heavily on wood here), which is great because that's exactly what I prescribed myself after marathon.

 I never did a real marathon post-mortem here on my blog, but I spent a lot of time after the race evaluating my performance. While my time (3:46) was nothing to be ashamed of, the fact that I gave up a few minutes walking in the last 10k left me feeling that I could've done much more. So I set myself some pretty ambitious goals and also laid out a pretty ambitious training regimen, the centerpiece of which is just more and more miles.

So far, so good.  While I peaked at 45 miles per week during marathon training, I'm regularly running 45-50 miles per week right now in preparation for the NYC Half Marathon in March.  I've also been putting in some serious tempo work, like doing a 10 mile run with 7 at 7:00 pace or doing 6x1600 at 6:30 pace.  And I'm hoping that it'll all pay off with something close to a 1:30 time for the half marathon.

Once that's out of the way, I'll be turning my attention toward the Berlin Marathon, where I will be fighting for a BQ. It's an aggressive goal for my second-ever marathon, which is why I'll be upping my mileage even further, to more like 65-70 miles per week, likely racing more, and doing ever-longer tempos and ever-longer long runs (borrowing a page from the elites).  While my longest run for NYC was an accidental 21 miles and my longest tempo was 10, I will try to squeeze in at least one 23+ en route to Berlin, along with some race pace runs in the 15-18 range, to make sure that I don't face The Wall with the same unsuspecting bewilderment as I did last time.

I've certainly got my work cut out for me. It'll be a tough 2010, but I think I've got it in me now, and I'm excited to get out on the roads and break some new ground!

And hopefully I'll do a better job of getting the good parts in writing as the year wears on...

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- Jake

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  1. Whoa, that is an ambitious agenda! Good luck with it. I won't be anywhere near you...


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