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08 March 2010

Making Treadmills Tolerable

A new company called Visual Active is making videos you can play while you're on the treadmill, so it looks like you are running through Yosemite, or Niagara Falls, or the Grand Tetons.  Anyone who has seen the movie The Proposal will recognize this from Sandra Bullock's treadmill scene (oh come on, I'm not the only one).  VentureBeat has a good write-up about it here.

I know a lot of New Yorkers could've used something like this over the past couple of months.  In fact, this would be nice year-round if you get tired of running through the concrete jungle.

Now they just need to add fake sunlight and a fresh, cool breeze to the latest treadmills, and who will need the outdoors?

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- Jake


  1. That's pretty cool. Set it up on my big screen, in the dark and I would so be there. Except I am not.

  2. Sounds like it would make running on the treadmill like a walk in the park - but without the sunny warm feeling and the wind resistance.= :]


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