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04 March 2010

Running as Addiction and as Cure

I think I've made it clear that I hate the treadmill (and I'm hardly alone here).  And one of my favorite distraction mechanisms is watching the most offensively brainless television possible.  The guy to my right will be watching Sportscenter, the woman to my left will be watching CNN, and I'm watching Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately that wonderful series of train wrecks ended some time ago, so I've been aimlessly searching for equally aimless shows to occupy my workouts.  Fortunately, VH1 was nice enough to fill the void with Celebrity Rehab

For those who aren't familiar, this is a weekly roundup of once-famous, whiny celebrity crackheads, who are thrown together in a rehab center in California under the watchful eye of Dr. Drew.  Imagine Real World for ugly people, with less alcohol and more heroin, and with a babysitter. 

Exhibit A, Dennis Rodman

The irony of the situation didn't fully sink in until the following "motivational quote" from Runner's World popped up in my inbox:
I do recommend running as a cure-all. It's the magic ingredient and an important physical release. It has helped me look and feel better.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Addiction Specialist and TV Host 

So here are a bunch of narcissistic addicts on TV, who have no regard for the people around them, as long as they can get their fix.  And here I am spending hours on a treadmill, with no regard for the people around me, as long as I can get in my run (I laugh at your 30 minute limit!).  And here's the doctor on TV, helping those addicts get through their addictions, by recommending my addiction as a cure!  Bizarro world...

Maybe after Dr. Drew converts all these people to running-addicted zombies, he'll start a new rehab show, and I'll finally get my shot at stardom!

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- Jake


  1. I love Dr. Drew. Celeb rehab is a sad train wreck, and I wonder if those people will ever get their act together. If Dr. Drew prescribes running for his patients, they will have to quit smoking -- the number of cigarettes smoke on the show is crazy.

  2. Best picture of Dennis Rodman I've ever seen in my LIFE.


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